Are Aussiedoodles Good Family Pets?

Aussiedoodles are wonderful family dogs. Not only are they gentle-natured and affectionate with children, but they usually get along with other pets and visitors too. They bond quickly with everyone in their family, generally forming a special bond with one or two individuals. They love being with everyone, though, which makes them ideal for bigger families. 

However, there are a few things to be aware of when planning to bring a new puppy home. You will want to prepare your family, especially your children, to respect the new family member and ensure everyone is on the same page with his training.

A well-adjusted Aussiedoodle will match your children’s energy and fit right into any and all family activities. 

Aussiedoodles in the Family 

So why are Aussiedoodles a perfect match for big or active families

  • They are easy to train and live to please their family. They want to fit in and become one of the pack. While there will be the normal boundary-testing early on, they truly become one of the family once they are trained. 
  • Aussiedoodles have lots of energy, so, coincidentally, do most kids. They are playful dogs and generally very gentle. They love to be chased and to play tug-of-war, both easy ways for children to interact with them.
  • They are smart and will quickly pick up on any tricks they are taught. 
  • They are cuddly creatures and will snuggle up with anyone they love, and who doesn’t love to cuddle a puppy? 
  • Most Aussiedoodles are hypoallergenic and thus make the perfect pet for families who may have sensitive pet allergies. 
  • Aussiedoodles make wonderful service dogs too. They can provide emotional support or therapy, making them an excellent choice for families with special needs kids or elderly members. They are sensitive to human moods and can provide great comfort. 
  • Aussiedoodles and Other Pets 
  • Aussiedoodles are generally quite friendly to other pets. As puppies, you will want to be sure you introduce them to any other pets early on, keeping the energy positive and calm. Even if initially introductions are a bit rough, realize that with the proper training. 

And socialization, even more cautious or boisterous puppies, can learn to get along well with any other pets in the house. 

Be sure to allow that other pets may not like your new Aussiedoodle puppy, especially other cats or small animals like rabbits or guinea pigs.

Be sure you respect your pets’ preferences as much as you can and don’t force your pets to be together if they don’t get along well.

You don’t want to stress any of them out or make them uncomfortable in your home. Be sure to have safe spaces or rooms where cats can go to be away from an excited new puppy. 

Preparing Your Family For An Aussiedoodle 

You are going to want to prepare several things before you get your puppy and in the early days and weeks of having him. You will want to train your kids in how to behave around a new puppy properly, and you are going to want to teach your new puppy how to be well-behaved around kids. 

The Kids 

Before even getting your new puppy, you will want to make sure your kids are ready for the responsibility of owning a pet. Observe them when they are around other pets, especially dogs.

Consider having them petsit a dog for a friend and see how they handle owning the responsibility. 

Take time to sit down with your kids and talk about what it means to care for an animal. Instruct them on how to be calm and gentle.

Tell them that they will need to avoid loud noises or sudden movements early on so that the puppy is not upset or afraid of them.

Teach them how to read a puppy’s body language and how to be respectful to the new family member. 

In the early stages of having the new Aussiedoodle, be sure to observe your children’s interactions with the puppy. It will also be of great importance that everyone is on the same page about the puppy’s training.

Everyone must know how to speak to him and what commands to use and what to do when something goes wrong. These are things that the whole family will need to be on board for; otherwise, the puppy could become confused.

Keep a command chart somewhere where everyone can see it to refer to it throughout the day. 

The Puppy 

What things will you need to train your puppy right away so that he grows up well- behaved as well as lovable? 

You will have to establish boundaries early on and stick to them—where the puppy can go, what he can or cannot play with, what is or isn’t acceptable—all that needs to be set early on.

Because Aussiedoodles are so smart, it won’t take long for them to catch on and because they live to make you happy, they should respect most boundaries once they know them. 

The key is to be consistent and positive. In all training, be patient with your puppy. Some of the first commands you are going to want to teach your Aussiedoodle are “come”, “sit/stay”, “lay down”, “drop it” (or leave it), and how to walk nicely on a leash.

An Aussiedoodle will pick up these things quickly, so begin teaching him as soon as you can. This will ensure you have a dog that will listen to you and obey essential but straightforward commands.

Be sure your kids can get the puppy to respond to them as well. 

One trait in Aussiedoodles you are going to want to train out of him early on is their instinct to herd. They are known to rush around your kids or other pets and gently nip them in an attempt to herd them up.

This can be fixed by distracting your puppy with a ball or frisbee or some other toy when kids are outside playing until he gets accustomed to kids running around and doesn’t feel the need to round them up. 

Some Aussiedoodles can also be trained to guard your children or your house. As a friendly breed, this will take a little more effort, but since they are also loyal and can be protective of their family, it can be done, and you could then depend on them to protect your kids when you aren’t around. 

Final Thoughts 

Aussiedoodles are great family dogs. It is in their nature to be full of life and to thrive in a family setting. They need a lot of attention and love, and because they are so cute, that is not hard to come by in a family.

However, they require relatively active lifestyles, so consider that when you are choosing a puppy for your family. You will have to be committed to meeting their energy levels if they are going to live happily with you. 

You will hardly find a more fun-loving, easy, child-friendly dog than the Aussiedoodle. With some foresight and training, most Aussiedoodles get along fine with other pets and will be okay with new guests at the house.

They are gentle enough for young children and the elderly and yet active enough for the most romping and energetic children. Aussiedoodles are most definitely good family pets. 


Diane is a lifelong owner of Labs, Retrievers, a Poodle, Labradoodle, and, more recently, a Goldendoodle. She loves dogs and enjoy's taking her Goldendoodle Nala for walks in the woods with her daughters.

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