Are Sheepadoodles Aggressive? Personality and Temperament

Sheepadoodle is a designer Doodle that is developed by breeding a Poodle with an Old English Sheepdog. The breed is coveted by many due to its fluffy appearance and loving temperament. However, since Sheeppoos are often quite large, many wonder if this is an aggressive breed.

Sheepadoodles are not aggressive at all. They are intelligent, playful, and obedient dogs. While they may not always be extremely friendly with strangers, they are perfectly gentle if introduced properly. The right training and management make them perfectly nice and safe dogs.

Like any other dog, it is important to provide the right time and attention to a Sheeppoo to ensure that they stay on their best behavior. This guide explores the breed’s temperament and behavioral needs.

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Sheepadoodle’s Personality and Temperament

Sheeppoos are very affectionate. Since both the parents are human-oriented dogs, these pups love to be around humans as well. They are extremely keen to form a bond with their family and thrive when given lots of time and attention.

Sheepadoodles are also the ideal pets if you want a dog that would like to be a part of family activities. They would love to go for a swim, run along you on a long hike, and even help out around the house. Sheeppoos need lots of mental stimulation so they are always eager to learn new things and impress their humans.

This breed does not naturally present any aggressive tendencies. While they are not the friendliest with strangers, they are also not known to show any dangerous behaviors. They are simply more family-oriented. While their bond with their family is very strong, they can sometimes take time to warm up to strangers. However, they are perfectly safe and gentle when introduced properly.

Are Sheepadoodles Good with Kids?

Sheepadoodles make for amazing family dogs because they love to bond with every single member of the family. This is also true for kids. They don’t pose any danger to children based on their personality or temperament, but it is often advised that you get a Sheepadoodle if your kids are around 10 years of age. This is because of a number of reasons:

  • Sheeppoos have some herding tendencies due to their Old English Sheepdog parent. They can sometimes try to ‘herd’ little children.
  • Standard Sheeppoos can grow to be very large and while they are gentle and playful, their weight and size can be potentially harmful to toddlers if left playing unsupervised.
  • These dogs require lots of physical exercise and grooming, so it helps if every family member is involved. This becomes easier when kids in the family are older and can actively play a part in raising the dog.

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Are Sheepadoodles Good with Other Pets?

Sheepadoodles are among the calmest dog breeds. Both the parents are calm and loving, so Sheeppoos get along with other pets just fine. That being said, this can often depend on the personalities of both pets.

Your Sheepadoodle puppy may be excited to meet your cat, but the cat may feel otherwise. You may also experience the opposite situation. The key to ensuring that your pets get along is to assume that they won’t and to make the introduction slow, positive, and carefully monitored.

If you’re lucky, your pets will end up becoming the best of friends. If not, you still don’t have to worry about aggressive tendencies from the Sheepadoodle. They may simply just like humans more than other animals!

Why Is My Sheepadoodle Aggressive?

Sheepadoodles are not aggressive by nature. If your puppy has grown up to be an excessive barker or shows aggressive tendencies towards strangers or other animals, there could be a few reasons for this.

Lack of Physical Exercise

Sheepadoodles need lots of physical exercise. This is especially true for the Standard breed, which can grow up to be quite large. These high-energy dogs need a long walk or jog every day, along with some playtime in the yard.

If they have lots of pent-up energy, they can grow frustrated and bark excessively, which can be taken as aggression. This is why Sheeppoos are best suited for families that enjoy outdoor activities and want to involve a furry buddy in their adventures!

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Neglect and Separation Anxiety

Sheeppoos love humans, often even more than other animals. They are the happiest when they are around their family and love to learn new tricks and impress their humans. This is not a breed that can be left alone in an apartment all day while you go off to work.

This is why Sheepadoodles are recommended for families that can give them lots of time and attention, and where at least one family member can be home at any given time. If you have been leaving your pup alone for long hours at a time, they can develop separation anxiety, which can come out in destructive and aggressive behaviors.

If you absolutely must be away, it is important to train your dog to become used to your absence, and also arrange for a dog sitter, walker, or daycare for a few hours.

Poor Socialization

All dogs need to be socialized properly, even those that are gentle and docile by nature. If your puppy is growing up to be aggressive towards strangers and other animals, there is a high chance the breeder didn’t socialize them properly.

In such a case, it is advised that you hire a trainer at your earliest, since resolving socialization problems is easier with younger dogs than with older dogs. Your Sheeppoo will need to be retrained and desensitized so that they learn new humans and animals are not a threat.

Physical Pain or Illness

If your otherwise gentle Sheepadoodle is suddenly snapping at you or at other people, this could be agitation due to physical pain. If they seem wary of being approached, take them for a general checkup at the vet. The behavior could be due to anything from a painful paw injury to stomach pains. Your pup should be back to normal once their issue is resolved.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Sheepadoodles are not aggressive dogs. However, all dogs need the right training and attention in order to grow up to be affectionate and gentle dogs. Understanding the Sheeppoo’s need for time and love will ensure that your dog is a gentle giant – which really is the perfect description for this remarkable breed.


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