The Top 10 Best Puppy Starter Kits For 2022

Top 10 Trending Puppy Starter Kits

Getting a new puppy can be stressful. I remember when we got Nala, after about a week, I thought, “What the heck did we do!!” Along with everything else, you also have to think of all the things your puppy needs that you may forget.

Things like nail clippers, brushes, appropriate toys, even food bowls may slip your mind in the excitement of choosing a new puppy. So it can be a real stress-reliever to opt for a puppy starter kit in this case.

Puppy starter kits include the basic accessories so that you don’t have to be worried you are forgetting something. Every kit is different so be sure to know what you are looking for so you get what you and your specific puppy will need.

Puppy starter kits can go a long way in smoothing out the transition of owning a new puppy for the first time, so it might be a smart plan to consider getting one.

Everything you need in a puppy starter kit.

1. Smart Pet Love—New Puppy Starter Kit

This starter kit is ideal for very new, very young puppies, as they adjust to being away from their mother and learn to live happily with you. It contains a small stuffed snuggle puppy, a blanket, three heating packs, a small toy, and a heart-shaped teething ring.

Your dog will be occupied by the chews and comforted by the stuffed dog and heating pads. The kit comes in pink, blue, and gold colors and is ideal for puppies as young as eight weeks.

2. Smart Pet Love—Snuggle Puppy Starter Kit Pink

Ideal for very new and very young puppies, this kit provides everything you will need to make your new baby feel right at home and begin to be accustomed to you. A plush dog provides comfort to your new pet as he gets used to being away from his mother. A blanket and heating pads ensure your new puppy stays warm and cozy.

A small toy and teether are also included to soothe and entertain your new pet. This kit allows for a smooth transition for the puppy and allows him to adjust to his new situation calmly.

3. AWOOF—12 Piece Puppy Starter Kit for Small Dogs

This is the complete package if you are starting from the top as a pet owner. It includes all the most basic accessories you will need to care for a new puppy. There is a small dog bed and a washable pee pad for your new puppy and his early potty training days.

For grooming, a bath towel, nail clippers, and a grooming glove are included. Two dog bowls are provided, along with a mini feeding bottle for very young puppies. Three toys come with the package, two stuffed, squeaky toys and a rope toy. A 3.9 ft. harness leash is provided for the early days of walking or training your puppy.

This kit provides for all your puppy’s first basic needs and will ease you into dog ownership with more confidence.

4. LOBEVE—Puppy Starter Kit, 12 Piece Assorted Dog Supplies

This puppy starter kit covers all the basics. From grooming to playtime to eating, this kit hits all the marks. For walking, a leash and collar are provided. A blanket is included for resting and two sets of bowls for eating. One set is an at-home set of bowls, and the other is a collapsable/pop-up set for easy and convenient travel.

A grooming glove and nail clippers are included for grooming purposes. Three toys are also included in the package. A rope toy for tug, a squeaky monkey toy for slinging around, and a puzzle ball toy for hiding treats. These toys help curb a dog’s boredom and will keep him from becoming destructive towards other things in your house. This kit is a smart choice if you are a new dog owner looking to cover the basics.

5. SZKOKUHO—17 Piece Dog Chew Toy Set

This set includes a variety of helpful chew toys and puzzle or boredom chews. The set includes toy tugs, teethers, chew bones, puzzle toys, and rope toys. These toys are made out of durable and high-quality TPR and are tear-resistant and easy to clean.

These toys have the added benefit of being good for your dog’s dental health, and they help keep your dog’s teeth clean. These are intended for small breeds of dogs or puppies that are not heavy chewers. These toys vary from 2 to 7 inches and are appropriate for dogs up to 20 pounds. It is a great way to stock up on acceptable chew toys for your puppy.

6. Smart Pet Love—Snuggle Puppy

These snuggle puppies are great for new puppies recently separated from their mother and siblings. The stuffed puppy can be opened, and a heating pad can be placed inside along with a “real-feel” pulsing heartbeat.

Two AAA batteries in the heart can last up to two weeks at 24/7 use. The heating pads are disposable and completely pet safe. The puppy is machine washable for easy and convenient washing. The puppy comes in several color options, including black, brown, tan, pink, and tricolor.

These stuffed puppies are a great choice if you have a very young puppy who will need to adjust to being away from his dog family as he gets used to being part of your family.

7. ADAPTIL—Diffuser Starter Kit

This kit is for calming your dog at home. This diffuser can be used wherever your dog spends most of his time to help your dog remain peaceful while you are at home or away. This pheromone diffuser covers up to 750 square feet, and one refill lasts up to 30 days.

You can plug the diffuser into any outlet and leave it. It will become slightly warm to diffuse the pheromone properly. This diffuser can greatly aid in keeping your dog calm during storms or when there are fireworks, as it helps him adjust to stressful situations. If you have an easily stressed or anxious dog, this would be a helpful way to combat his nervousness and help him calm down.

8. LOBEVE— Puppy Starter Kit (Updated)

This 12-in-one puppy starter kit has everything you need to take care of your brand new puppy. In addition, every kit comes with one surprise item, and who doesn’t love surprises? The kit includes a pet blanket, leash, and collar, two sets of bowls for at-home use and travel, a pet grooming glove, nail clippers, and three toys.

The collar and leash are sturdy and will suit your early days with your new puppy well. The at-home bowls are steel, and the travel bowls are collapsable and pop-up for portability. The grooming glove acts like a brush, and the blanket is a good 40.9 x 30.7 inches.

The three toys included are a rope toy, a squeaky monkey toy, and a puzzle ball. This starter kit is an excellent choice for any new puppy owner who doesn’t know where to start or what to get for their new puppy.

9. PupsandTails—Puppy Training Starter Kit

This starter kit is great for owners who want to train their puppy obedience and social skills. The kit includes a water bottle with a complimentary attached “bowl,” a chew toy that squeaks, dog training puffs, and a bug repellent spray. This kit is ideal for owners looking to train their dogs socially, out and about, and want to keep them safe and hydrated.

10. Midwest Homes—Puppy Starter Kit Small

This kit is ideal for small breeds of dogs, puppies who will not grow bigger than 25 pounds. The high-quality products included in this kit make it a smart choice when deciding what kit to get for your puppy. Included is a soft pet mat that is ideal for accuracy but also does well as a bed.

The mat is machine washable for the convenient cleanup of early puppy accidents. The kit comes with two stainless steel bowls that are made to snap to most crates. The kit includes a package of training pads as well, anticipating the days you spend potty training your puppy.

Several toys and chews are included as well. Two Kong classic toys with Kong treats to compliment them, a Kong toy bear, a dog brush, a leash, and a collar. This puppy starter kit is reliable and high quality and worth considering if you have a small breed puppy.

Final Thought

Owning a brand new puppy can be really stressful. I realize it’s a fun time too but getting started on the right “Paw” is advisable. I hope this list of Puppy Starter Kits helps to educate you on what’s available.

Enjoy the moment. They grow up fast!!!



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