Are Aussiedoodles Intelligent? (An Owners Perspective)

You may have come across a few article, while doing your research, that some hybrid dogs can be a bit dorky or has I’ve heard someone say, “Dumb as a bag of hammers”. Well, that’s not the case with Doodles! But are Aussiedoodles smart dogs?

As a general rule, Aussiedoodles are very smart and intelligent. This popular breed ranked among the smartest hybrid dogs in the world. It’s something they inherit plenty of, which is why they also come across as incredibly intelligent . Dogs are regarded as smart when they can grasp new concepts with ease, think independently, and come up with solutions.

A dog’s ability to follow commands is another way of deciphering whether or not it is smart. Being social creatures, dogs – doodles included – convey their intelligence through their actions and adapting to various circumstances. 

Several dog breeds qualify when tested in the context of high IQ. However, scientists still clash on which methodologies best measure canine IQ levels. According to a renowned dog researcher named Stanley Coren, a dog’s average smartness is compared to that of a two and half-year-old baby.

Yes, these loyal pets are compared to our ‘terrible twos.’ If you have been around a toddler, then comprehending the level of aptitude described here should not be as difficult.

So, are Aussiedoodles smart, intelligent? Not only is this popular breed ranked among the smartest hybrid dogs, but it has also gained the reputation of being sensitive. Many believe that they can read the owner’s mind, so it is natural for them to make good companions.

Where Do Aussiedoodles Get Their Intelligence From? 

Aussiedoodles are hybrid dogs. Their parental line-up consists of the majestic Australian Shepherd and the adorable but brave Poodle. They have been around for more than a decade and have become popular with dog lovers courtesy of their many good traits.

Therefore, the lovable  Aussiedoodles inherit their intelligence from their parent breeds, both of whom are also very smart.

What’s The IQ Of an Australian Shepherd

A well known canine psychologist, Stanley Coren, researched hundreds of dog breeds. He wanted to identify the most intelligent breed and the Australian Shepherd ranked 66th out of 138 that qualified to be in the final list. 

According to this research, Aussies were able to follow known commands and learn new instructions. They were placed among dogs with average IQ levels. Not everyone agrees with this. Many pet owners say that the Australian Shepherd is more intellectual than the rank that it was allotted. 

What’s The IQ Of a Poodle

The ability of dogs to learn from humans or be trained by humans is known as work and obedience intelligence, and Poodles have proven to be very smart when it comes to this. According to research conducted by canine psychologist Coren, the Poodle is the crème de la crème in intelligence. It was ranked second among the 138 that qualified.

Poodles are water retrievers and are quick to grasp instructions. Also, it does not take a long time for a Poodle to learn new skills.

Exactly How Intelligent Are Aussiedoodles?

Ask any breeder, and they will put their objective as being to pick only the best traits or genes from the parent breeds to create an Aussiedoodle. As it happens, the outcome may not turn out to be as expected, and some offspring will have traits from all the parents, while others will take more from one parent than the other. 

Aussiedoodles are highly intelligent, given that both their parents are sharp. However, the level of smartness is not the same. They differ depending on the inherited genes. Even within a litter, you will find pups displaying different traits.

Dog intelligence is categorized into –

  • Instinctive intelligence, which is all about the purpose of the dog, for example, what it was raised to do, like being water retrievers and so on
  • Adaptive intelligence, wherein a smart dog should be able to learn from its environment and resolve issues independently;
  • Working and obedience intelligence, which implies the dog’s ability to be trained by humans; 

Aussiedoodles possess the ability to adapt very fast and are usually good at what they are bred to do. They quickly get familiar with the environment they are placed in, enabling them to resolve most issues independently. Trainers have a relatively easy time with Aussiedoodles. Because they are fast learners, the training process is enjoyable. 

Aussiedoodles can grasp new concepts with very few repetitions.

Practical Implications of Aussiedoodles’ Intelligence

Owing to high levels of intelligence, Aussiedoodles are significant in may ways – 

Aussiedoodles Are Great Therapy Dogs

These are mainly found in hospital settings, elderly homes, disaster recovery areas, and schools since they can interact with strangers. Of course, they are not born with this ability. Instead, they are trained to adapt to it.

Aussiedoodles are great with people – they are friendly and can feel people’s emotions. They can tell when a person is happy, sad, or wounded and accordingly provide consolation.

In hospitals, Aussiedoodles can effectively encourage patients. Dogs are allowed to visit patients who are allowed to interact socially. This act has a lot of benefits as far as mental health is concerned.

They help patients to recover by lifting the spirits of one who is down and depressed.

Aussiedoodles are Reliable Companions

Aussiedoodles are great attention seekers. They love being around people and are very friendly.  If you are an introvert who finds it difficult to make friends, your doodle will show you how. 

 This dog interacts easily with people and loves to cuddle. They can make new friends who also become your friends.  In short, they are loyal companions.

Aussiedoodles Are Great Workers

If you have an Aussiedoodle, then rightly assume that it is a working dog. They are an active breed, with both their original parents being working dogs. The Australian Shepherd is a herder, while the Poodle is a water retriever. So, the Aussiedoodles love to be given tasks. 

If you leave an Aussiedoodle alone with no work, they will turn to destructive behavior. The one thing they cannot handle is being bored. To prevent them from getting into destructive activities, always ensure that they are kept busy.

Are Aussiedoodle Good Swimmers?

Swimming is a skill that is quickly learned by Aussiedoodles because of their high levels of intelligence. When you start the water training early, they learn very fast and evolve into experts—some Aussiedoodles who take after the Australian Shepherd are not natural swimmers but can be trained.

First, you will need to build their trust and make them feel secure in the water. check out my article all about Aussiedoodle’s and whether they’re great swimmers here

Water Retrievers

It is not surprising that Aussiedoodles are excellent water retrievers. A Poodle who is one of the parents is known for its water retrieving skills and was bred to work as one.

Aussiedoodles, who have healthy genes from their Poodle parent, do well in a water retriever’s role. Their webbed feet and claws render this task easier.

Aussiedoodles’ Intelligence Fact Check

An Aussiedoodle’s intelligence is affected by its health. It is therefore essential that you ensure that your doodle enjoys good health by – 

  • Feeding your dog on highly nutritious foods at all times; give enough portions of food throughout mealtimes. Puppies are usually fed more frequently compared to adult Aussiedoodles. A balanced diet helps in strengthening their IQ levels.
  • Always putting doodles on routine exercises; they are active dogs by nature and love to engage in physical activities. It can be water sports like surfing, a long walk at the end of the day, or involving them in outdoor games. They can become obese if not kept busy, and this can be detrimental in the long run.
  • Like any other breed of dogs, Aussiedoodles can get sick and develop certain health complications. It is a good idea to find a good veterinarian who will be checking on them periodically, ensuring that they remain healthy. Some diseases are dangerous and may even turn out to be fatal, so prevention is the way to go. 
  • Lastly, your Aussiedoodles mental health is as important as its physical health. Naturally, they like being around people and need attention. When you need to leave them behind, always ensure that they are adequately geared up to face the separation. Aussiedoodles are excellent family dogs and can be trusted with any member of the family.

    Spending time with them is very important. This way, you will prevent them from developing destructive behaviors like destroying anything they find around them.

Final Word

Intelligent that Aussiedoodles are, the degree is likely to vary from one doodle to another. Since they are a mixed breed of two dog types, the outcome can be rarely predicted. In a letter, you will have some puppies that are more active than the others. Other doodles may be more like the Australian Shepherd and have more of its traits, while others may take after the Poodle. In some scenarios, you will have puppy doodles with a 50/50 mix of traits from both parents.

Intelligent dogs can be very destructive if left untrained. They need to be trained right from the moment they step into your home. The training process requires a lot of patience. You need to make your puppy doodle feel safe and loved in your home and, at the same time, help it to adjust to its new environment.

If you are a new pet owner and have no idea where to start, you can hire a professional trainer’s services. It will be worth the cost.


Diane is a lifelong owner of Labs, Retrievers, a Poodle, Labradoodle, and, more recently, a Goldendoodle. She loves dogs and enjoy's taking her Goldendoodle Nala for walks in the woods with her daughters.

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