Do Goldendoodles Eyelashes Grow Back If Trimmed?

Goldendoodles are incredibly adorable dogs, and it is a rewarding experience to own one. However, if you own this breed, you should be prepared for lots of grooming. One question that comes up is, should I or can I trim my dog’s eyelashes.

As a general rule, your Goldendoodles gorgeous eyelashes will undoubtedly grow back if you trim them. The complete regrowth process usually takes five to six weeks. Whether or not you decide to do this as part of the grooming sessions is a personal choice. It does not hurt or bother your pup.

Their curly coat demands lots of attention, and so do other grooming areas – including their beautiful long eyelashes. Some owners like to trim these, while others wonder if the eyelashes will grow back if trimmed.

Whether or not you decide to trim your Doodle’s lashes will depend on you and your pup. Even with the same breed, there are some physical and personality differences in all dogs. As the owner, you would know best whether to leave the eyelashes as they are or not. If you do decide to trim them, however, it is essential to follow a careful process.

Should You Trim Your Goldendoodles Eyelashes?

Some people leave the eyelashes as they are because they are unique, long, and gorgeous. Some owners don’t want to mess with their Goldendoodle’s adorable appearance. In such cases, the dog’s coat is usually slightly short, and so are their eyelashes. Some have long lashes, but they are concentrated on the corners of the eyes and grow outwards.

 However, some Goldendoodles have incredibly thick and long coats and eyelashes that grow downwards and hinder their vision because they can grow up to 2 inches long! In such cases, the dog may be facing difficulty seeing correctly due to the eyelashes.

There are certainly some benefits to trimming your Goldendoodle’s lashes if they are too long:

–        A cleaner appearance – Some pet owners simply like their dogs to appear well-groomed.

–        Lesser chance of injury – If the long lashes are causing vision problems, your dog may become clumsy and therefore face a higher risk of injury. Trimming the lashes will ensure comfort and safety.

–        Less likelihood of diseases going ignored – Goldendoodles can sometimes develop eye infections or eyelash issues like trichiasis, a condition in which eyelashes are ingrown. If they are left uncut or untouched during grooming sessions, such issues could go ignored.

Some pet owners are reluctant because the long lashes prevent the dog from dirt and debris getting into their eyes. While this is certainly a valid reason, you can avoid this problem simply by leaving an appropriate eyelash length when cutting and ensuring regular cleaning and grooming.

How to Trim Your Dog’s Eyelashes

Cutting your dog’s lashes is relatively simple if you are used to doing the everyday grooming yourself. However, if your dog is too jumpy or you think you might hurt them in the process, it would be best to let a vet do it at least the first time and watch the process.

If you are confident you can do it at home, here are the things you will need:

Eyelash scissors – Yes, small scissors are explicitly designed to use around the eye. You can also use a small pair of scissors meant for humans.

–        A small comb – Use an eyelash comb meant for dogs or the smallest human comb you can get your hands on. A mustache comb might do the trick. 

–        A soft cloth – This will be used to wipe your dog’s eyes.

–        A leash – It is best if your dog is secured during the process, so they don’t get injured. Alternatively, you can use a family member to gently hold the dog and make sure they stay still.

Before beginning the trimming process, make sure your dog has all the energy spent and is calm and relaxed. It is also essential that you are calm and speak in a soothing and loving voice so your dog doesn’t get excited. Follow these steps for the trimming process:

  1. Wet the washcloth and use it to wipe your dog’s eyes gently. This will eliminate any dirt or crustiness and separate the lashes so they are easier to trim.
  2. Comb the eyelashes forward and downward. 
  3. If you have help from a family member or a friend, ask them to gently hold your Doodle’s head, so they stay safe from the scissors.
  4. Keep the comb at a length you want to cut at. Make sure this is not too close to the fur or skin. Gently begin trimming. Start at the outer corner and work towards the inner corners of the eyes. Go as slow as needed, depending on what your dog is comfortable with.
  5. Once you are done cutting, run the comb through the lashes one more time to ensure they are all neatly and evenly cut.
  6. Give your dog lots of praises and maybe even a treat or two for cooperating during the quick grooming session!

At any time during the trimming, if your dog flinches during the process, stop immediately, step back, and speak to them in a soothing voice, so they relax.

Is It Safe to Trim Your Goldendoodle’s Lashes at Home?

Whether or not you should carry out the trimming process at home will depend on you and your dog. There is no correct answer. If you carry out other grooming processes like bathing your dog, cutting their nails, and brushing their teeth at home, this should not be a problem either. 

However, if your dog gets fidgety with grooming at home and behaves best when they are with a groomer, that would be the way to go. You can also choose a home groomer if that is something you are used to.

To sum up, it is entirely safe to trim your dog’s lashes, and they do grow back if trimmed. There are no serious risks of not cutting your dog’s lashes, except them becoming slightly clumsy.

 If you take care of the dog’s eye area and regularly inspect for dirt, debris, or possible infection, you can easily keep them safe even with their lashes fully grown. However, depending on how long your Goldendoodle’s lashes are and what your grooming preferences for them are, you can safely and effortlessly trim the lashes. 


Diane is a lifelong owner of Labs, Retrievers, a Poodle, Labradoodle, and, more recently, a Goldendoodle. She loves dogs and enjoy's taking her Goldendoodle Nala for walks in the woods with her daughters.

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