Do Goldendoodles Smell? Maybe Just A Bit

Are Goldendoodles Smelly Dogs?

Yes, Goldendoodles do smell, and what they emanate is a familiar dog aroma. Regardless of the breed, dogs tend to smell, but the strength varies from one breed to another. Goldendoodles belong to the category that carries the familiar dog smell, and it is one of the many traits that render this breed perfect for sensitive individuals. 

If you are a proud owner of an adorable Goldendoodle, the typical dog smell that wafts up to you at all times should not be a cause of concern. Only when it aggravates into something musty or stinky should you take it seriously. 

Reasons why Goldendoodles Smell

When you sense the pungent stench following your Doodle wherever it goes, the first thought that is bound to hit you is whether it is just your fur-ball that might be stinking as much.

The explanation that every dog on the planet smells to some extent might be comforting to some time. But the very thought of having to live with the stink for the next 12+ years can be quite problematic. In such a situation, the next step entails identifying the root cause of the smell. 

Some reasons that cause Goldendoodles to smell beyond their breed threshold are – 

Inner-ear Infection – 

In Goldendoodles, ear infections occur due to hair-growth in the ear canal and are accompanied by a distinct odor. Like all poodle hybrids, the Doodle also comes with plenty of hair growth in the inner ear region, which needs to be cleaned and trimmed at regular intervals.

If ignored, it causes blockages over time, leading to a nasty smell and, eventually, an infection. 

While it might be tempting to allow the ear canal’s hair to grow for appearance’s sake, it also implies allowing the wax to collect and fester later.

Under the circumstances, the best practice would entail maintaining the maximum hair length of about one inch so that there is free passage of air and hence no odor build-up.

Dental Woes

Bad breath is a problem that all Doodle owners should be prepared for, and blame for this lies more with the parents than with the offspring. Goldendoodles inherit their gum issues from Poodles as also the Golden Retriever, and because this leads to a build-up of bacteria within the mouth, bad breath is sure to follow. 

One of the leading causes of bad breath is food remnants stuck to the teeth and attract bacteria. The good news is that dental issues can be resolved through easy solutions like providing your Doodle with chewy toys or brushing their teeth every other day. 

Too Much Gas

Is your Doodle suffering from flatulence? It is not as if Goldendoodles have a particularly sensitive tummy, but some food groups, such as chicken or grains, could cause a build-up of gas. Even preservatives have been known to disrupt the Doodle’s tummy biome, and the outcome is a stinky dog. 

Diet modification is the best solution to resolve the problem, and putting in a bit of thought towards nutrition and well-being could go a long way in controlling flatulence. 

Some Form of Allergy

If you feel that your Doodle is emanating lousy breath due to some form of allergy, the priority should be to pinpoint the root cause and work towards its effective removal.

Probable causes could be skin problems, reaction to a food group, or accumulation of dirt in the fur. 

Skin problems in Goldendoodles manifest in the form of rashes, constant itching, or inflammation. The source could be anything from the grooming products you might use to an external factor like pollen or allergen.

At times, dirt particles could remain tangled with the fur and, over time, fester sufficiently to cause a boil or a rough patch that oozes pus. 

Changing over to a different brand and paying attention while grooming could make all the difference in terms of smell and your Doodle’s comfort. 

Eye Discharge

Referred to as eye gunk, the discharge is characteristic of a poodle and can release a smell. Poodles have running eyes, and if your Doodle happens to have inherited it, then be prepared to dab its eyes with a soft cotton cloth multiple times during the day.

In addition to minimizing the smell, this would also protect the fur on the Doodle’s face and prevent it from getting matted. 

An eye stain could result from constantly running eyes, but you need to accept this as a part of the Goldendoodle package. As long as there is no stink, the eye stain itself is not harmful in any way. 

Anal Gland Issues

There is a possibility that some poop might be stuck with the Doodle, causing a distinctive and fishy stink. In such a situation, encourage your Doodle to drink lots of water and maintain a high diet in liquids. Smell due to this reason would go away as soon as the issue is resolved. 

Despite the butt being clean, a noxious odor in Goldendoodles indicates an anal gland issue. As soon as you notice this smell, the next step should be to take your Doodle to the vet and get it sorted out.

Delay in this context could result in long-term damage to the organ in question, thus impacting your Doodle’s health. 

Final Thoughts

All the love and admiration for your Doodle, a constant stink that goes beyond the dog smell, can be challenging to put up with. 

The best way to avoid this is by carrying out thorough and careful grooming, which includes regular brushing of teeth, cleaning its ears, and cleaning its eyes.

Their coat should be brushed almost every day, while particular caution should be exercised while picking a shampoo and conditioner for its weekly bath. 

Regular visits to the veterinarian would ensure that all problems that are typical of Goldendoodles are duly handled without the fear of aggravating.

Do bear in mind that a stink that is uncomfortable for your nostrils might be reflective of your Doodle’s ill health in some way. So, pay close attention, and soon you will have figured out a way to overcome it. 


Diane is a lifelong owner of Labs, Retrievers, a Poodle, Labradoodle, and, more recently, a Goldendoodle. She loves dogs and enjoy's taking her Goldendoodle Nala for walks in the woods with her daughters.

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