Are Goldendoodles Good Apartment Dogs? Sort Of

Are Goldendoodles Good Apartment Dogs?

Yes, Goldendoodles score 5/5 as apartment-friendly dog breeds. So if you live in an apartment in the city as opposed to a farm or an individual house, it is still possible to enjoy a Doodle’s affection and its playful demeanor. All you need to ensure is that your adorable little hybrid of a poodle and a Golden Retriever receives adequate attention and exercise every day. 

Not every dog breed is suited to apartment living. Size notwithstanding, certain specific traits can render a breed ideal for living in an apartment vis-à-vis open spaces.

To this effect, there are about 5-8 dog breeds that qualify as being the best, and Goldendoodles are one of them. Like the other inclusions in the list, some of them being the pug, Chihuahua, and dachshund, Doodles come in small packages, have moderate energy levels, and do not bark non-stop unless aggravated or anxious. 

What Makes Goldendoodles Apartment Friendly?

Assuming that you live in an apartment, there are bound to be space constraints. However, this should not deter you from adopting a dog, especially if you are an avid animal lover and would give anything to have a pet.

What you need to do at this point is to conduct meticulous research on the various dog breeds that thrive in an apartment and identify one that would improve your quality of life as a pet should. This is where Goldendoodles come in. 

Sharing the apartment space with a dog implies that your furry friend should not be too big and should not be too energetic. Doodles meet both criteria, thus coming across as an ideal option for dog lovers that live in an apartment.

They do not shed much, which means the limited space would be relatively free of pet hair and dander. Even though you may not be asthmatic or allergy-prone, a minimal-shedding pet would significantly cut down your cleaning duties. 

Owing to being highly intelligent, Goldendoodles also responds well to all aspects of training, from obedience to the toilet. Due to these factors, they qualify as a great pet option for an apartment dwelling dog lover.  

Goldendoodles and Apartment Living

Bringing a Goldendoodle home to your apartment is akin to introducing a preschooler to a day-care for the first time. Comfort plays a huge role in the process, but so also does training.

As an owner, you need to walk the thin line between letting your Doodle feel sufficiently comfortable to enjoy on the one hand and ensuring that some ground rules are firmly observed on the other. 

Factors that you need to pay attention to while adopting a Goldendoodle are – 

Outdoor Access – No-one likes remaining confined within the room for long hours, least of all the innately energetic and vivacious Goldendoodle. Now and then, your Doodle would like to venture out into the balcony to get the feel of the outside world and break the monotony. 

That being said, the pathway must facilitate ease of two-way movement, meaning from indoor to outdoor as also vice-versa. Then leave it up to the Doodle to decide whether it wishes to use this channel for his rituals or just to enjoy the view and the greenery. Insignificant though it’s might seem, easy access to an outdoor space could have a profound bearing on Doodle’s mental health. 

Noise Issues – There are two aspects to the noise issue which you need o bear in mind. One of them is the outdoor noise that travels into the apartment, like traffic, strangers, vendors, and so on.

Because Goldendoodles are sufficiently alert, they are prone to react to any noise their sensitive ears can pick up. Another aspect is the way your Doodle would respond to the outdoor noise.

Protective by nature, if the Doodle keeps getting startled by the outside noise, you will soon face a barking problem.

From the moment your adopted Goldendoodle arrives home, expose it to all the various noises that filter into the apartment while hugging it all the while. That would assure your furry friend that noises are a part of life and do not deserve acknowledgment. 

Toilet Training – This is one of the essential aspects of apartment living, especially when you share a pet’s dwelling. Thankfully Goldendoodles can be easily trained, which implies that you just need to restrict the area for them and remain firm.

Over the first few days, make it a point to take the Doodle to the marked toilet space and wait till the ritual is over. 

You must also ensure that the toilet can be easily accessed by the Doodle even when no-one is in the house. Daily cleaning is just as essential so that your Doodle feels encouraged to use the space rather than look for alternatives.  

Exercising Your Doodle Is Very Important

Daily Walks – Goldendoodles value their time outdoors. As the owner, you must respect their wishes. Take your Doodle out for a walk every day, and if you are unable to find the time, appoint a person who can do the needful on your behalf.

Utilize the hike for some fun activities and allow your Doodle to run around to its heart’s content and engage in positive interaction.

Having expended its energy, your Goldendoodle will return home calm and satiated. It will enjoy a hearty and sumptuous meal and settle down for the night, feeling mentally and physically healthy. 

Final Word

Some issues that you might need to look out for are excessive barking and destructive behavior. These issues manifest mainly in Goldendoodles that are left alone in the apartment for a long duration.

While too much barking is best handled by addressing the Doodle’s feelings of insecurity, destructive behavior can be controlled by dog-proofing your apartment, especially the floors.

Protect the floor with rugs/carpets to avoid scratches and ensure that the Doodle has easy access to its litter tray and its food and water bowls. 

Living in an apartment with a Goldendoodle can be fun or a nightmare, depending on how you handle it. If you are a responsible pet owner who uses positive reinforcement for training, your Doodle is sure to respond well and settle down to an apartment lifestyle.

Being adaptable, Goldendoodles do feel comfortable in an apartment, provided they are secure about their daily needs of love, care, food, water, and exercise. 


Diane is a lifelong owner of Labs, Retrievers, a Poodle, Labradoodle, and, more recently, a Goldendoodle. She loves dogs and enjoy's taking her Goldendoodle Nala for walks in the woods with her daughters.

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