Are Aussiedoodles Suitable For Apartment Living?

Are  Aussiedoodles Good For Apartment Living?

Aussiedoodles are suitable for apartment living, and this is because they are playful, smart, and loyal. Aussiedoodles are active family dogs and require lots of exercise and attention. An Aussiedoodles is a cross-breed between an Australian Shepherd and Poodle, where it derives good traits from both parents. Other names for this breed include Aussiepoo or Aussiepoodle.

As a norm, they are very friendly, but being cautious is a must if there are little children around. The child in the home also needs to be guided on how to play with them safely.

For those who find keeping pets therapeutic, the Aussiepoo is a great choice given their accepting and adapting ways. Another reason why this breed is suitable for the apartment is that they are hypoallergenic.

Leaving an Aussiedoodle alone in the apartment can mark the beginning of trouble if not handled well. When these dogs get bored, their behavior can become destructive.

Aussiedoodles may develop anxiety when separated from the owner. However, this does not mean that you always have to keep them around everywhere you go. Train them adequately and prepare the apartment for an Aussiepoodle before you leave it behind.

How Do Aussiedoodles Handle Being Alone?

Despite loving your doodle so much, it is practically impossible always to keep them by your side. There will be some occasions when you have no choice but to leave them alone in their crate for hours at a stretch.

So how will your Aussiedoodle handle the me-time? You will notice a lot of barking and fussing. Some will keep you on toes by following you around. It is their way of expressing their discontent with the situation. 

The longer the me-time, the more doodles, get bored and irritated. At this point, you begin to see destructive behavior, like chewing furniture and littering the entire house or not eating their food.

Being family dogs, the idea of being left alone is something that Aussiedoodles deplore.

All these behavioral changes indicate that your dog is thoughtfully conveying its disagreement, and as a good owner, you need to take action.

Making Your Aussidoodle Comfortable When You Are Away

Every ‘pet lover’ would always want to spend quality time and bond with their pet. During holidays this is possible. You can take walks, indulge in exercises, and spend time grooming as well.

All of this has a positive effect on the Aussiedoodle. The sad truth is that holidays come to an end rather quickly and before you realize it, its time to get back to work.

Aussiedoodles suffer from separation anxiety and require training and time to adjust to being alone. This can be tough, especially if you have a 9 am to 5 pm job.

After a long work-day, coming home only to deal with the mess created by an Aussiedoodle who does not understand why it was suddenly left behind can be harrowing.

Remember, both you and your dear pet are going through a hard time coming to terms with the changes.

Aussipoodles are meant to be around people, but it is possible to make them comfortable when you are away. Coupled with continuous training, some things that you need to do are – 

Ensure Your Dogodle Is Toilet Trained

Imagine coming back home after a hard day’s work, only to start cleaning soiled litter, bed sheets, upholstery, and so on. It can be quite disheartening and reduces the time you need to relax.

This is why you need to start toilet training your Aussiedoodle when it arrives. It is not an easy process and may take some time. 

Consistency is critical when it comes to toilet training. When toilet training, you need to be firm on the rules until the doodle develops the habit of using its litter correctly.

Some learn faster than others, and you should not give up when yours takes more time as per doodle standards.

Leave Enough Food And Water

One way of making your dog feel secure is by ensuring it has enough food and water. This will work positively towards its health and growth. When leaving food and water, you need to consider how long you will be away. It would be best if you left enough to cover for all the hours that you are away. 

Where you place the food and water is also very important. Is it accessible to the doodle? Is the area safe? Always ensure that the food and water are placed in a safe zone and is reachable for the doodle.

This can be near its crate and should be routinely done every day before leaving for work.

Allow For Free Movement

Aussiedoodles are full of life. They are active and need to have time to play, walk, and exercise. Keeping them locked up in one place is unfair, especially when they are still adjusting to you being away. This will only make them more rebellious and destructive.

Leaving Aussiedoodles caged in the crate for long hours can easily aggravate into a nightmare. To them, it is like being imprisoned. One way of creating freedom of movement when away is by leaving their crate open.

This will enable them to walk around and stretch. They will also use the freedom to chew the toys that you go for them on the floor. Since the crate is open, they can get back when they need to rest.

Make Midday Visits

In case you have breaks in between your work, use the time to check on the doodle and find out how it might be coping. Midday visits can be beneficial to keep your Aussiedoodle feeling reassured.

It is vital to help it deal with your long hours of absence. If the breaks are long enough to allow you to take the dog for a walk, do it.

Through midday visits, you are strengthening your bond and also helping the doodle to remain calm. Frequent midday visits make it easier for the dog to adjust when you are leaving.

Make Chewable Toys Available

Chewing is a natural process for dogs, including Aussiedoodles. It releases chemicals that make them feel good and is also a way of easing boredom. Dogs chew for different reasons.

Puppies chew because they are teething, and grown dogs do this to clean teeth. Chewing also keeps their mind engaged.

As a way of making your Aussiepoo comfortable when you are away, get chewable toys for them. There are a variety of chewable toys in the market. Always go for those that are proven to be safe.

The availability of chewable toys also works well for the owner. It prevents the dog from turning some of your most valued items like shoes to shreds.

Get Help From Trainers Or Neighbours

Do you have a busy schedule at work? Do you sometimes feel that you are not giving your doodle enough time? Well, don’t fret over it. Instead, hire a trainer to help you out.

This will ease your work, and it comes with so many benefits. A good trainer will handle all aspects of toilet training, feeding, and even taking your dog for a walk.

This makes it easier for you to enjoy the company of your dog at the end of the day. When you hire a professional, you are assured that your dog is well taken care of.

If you are living in a good neighborhood filled with compassionate people, then consider yourself lucky. You can request the neighbors to check on your dog when you are away.

They may not spend all the time that you are out with the doodle. But you will be relieved to know someone is popping in to check the level of food left and adding if need be. Neighbors can also be of help in taking your dog for a walk.

Regularly Groom Your Dog

Your dog may be well trained and adjusted to being left alone, but it still needs your attention. One way of ensuring that you maintain the bond is by creating a grooming routine.

You can be brushing it every evening after you come back home. Aussiedoodles do not shed much and are hypoallergenic. But they enjoy being groomed and will always look forward to it. 

Final Word

Aussiedoodles are active pets that require a lot of attention from the owner. Always strive to create more time with your dog after work. Give it more attention, take it for a walk and groom it regularly to strengthen your bond with it. Then leave it alone without a worry.

Although Ausssiedoodles are gregarious by nature, they can be left alone as long as proper training and preparation are given. Before leaving them alone, try leaving them alone in one room for a few minutes and adjusting the time so that they learn to be comfortable in their space.

When overwhelmed, always get a trainer to help you out so that your pet dog is not left unattended. Like any other pet, Aussiedoodles too falls ill.

To ensure they are always in good health, identify the right vet who can do routine health checks, and give the proper treatment when there is a need.

Aussiedoodles, when well taken care of, are great companions even for apartment dwellers and working individuals. 


Diane is a lifelong owner of Labs, Retrievers, a Poodle, Labradoodle, and, more recently, a Goldendoodle. She loves dogs and enjoy's taking her Goldendoodle Nala for walks in the woods with her daughters.

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