Are Labradoodles Good Family Pets?


Labradoodles are great family pets. But rather than blindly accepting this statement as fact, you must explore the reasons underlying it. 

So why do Labradoodles make a good family pet? People will suggest several different dog breeds and justify their selection by selling the particular breed’s positive points. However, what you must bear in mind is just because a breed is touted as being ‘good with family’ does not mean it will suit you. 

A better option would be to assess your situation and then identify a breed that fits well into the niche. For example, the labradoodle – a cross of a poodle and a Labrador retriever – is bound to come under consideration for more reasons than one. 

While every dog breed has its highlights, hybrids such as Labradoodles stand a better chance of qualifying owing to carrying positive genes of two different breeds.  

The following are some reasons why a Labradoodle makes it towards the top end of the ‘good family dog’ list.
Labradoodles come across as being good family pets because they are –  


Like other guard dogs, Labradoodles can be trained as per the needs of the family. They can turn out to be good guard dogs and are quick to understand the family structure they have been brought in. From there on, they take it upon themselves to discern miscreants from benign visitors and react accordingly. 

You can teach them to behave well in front of guests or anyone who decides to stay overnight. Doodles are blessed with a sharp instinct, and due to this, they are not just able to sense your mood but are also able to remain vigilant in the family’s interest.

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Having a stable temperament implies that Labradoodles are not very quickly excited and resentful of being disciplined in the event of having stepped out of the line. 

Most of the time, they remain amicable and good-natured. Unless unduly provoked, doodles do not snarl, bite or cause disturbances, and respond well to positive reinforcement. They quickly accept the family their own and do make an effort to contribute in whatever way possible.  

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One of the friendliest dogs ever, Labradoodles, generally tends to get along with other pets in the family, even if it might be a cat. Put a doodle with a playful kitten, and the two would have a great time frolicking around each other.

At the same time, doodles are sensible enough to respect mature felines with equanimity. They are quick to sense when the chase game is over and grant their grown-up companion the requisite space. 

Doodles also accept other pets like rabbits, birds, or mice if they observe other family members. For example, if they follow the family members behaving gently towards the lesser-sized or timid pets, like rabbits, they emulate the same. 

You can trust a doodle to assume a protective attitude towards the other pets regardless of the species. 

Expect Labradoodles to play with these other pets if the family is busy. Their instinct warns them if any of the other pets are in trouble. They also get along with other dogs and share the family’s love without entering into a competition. 

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Labradoodles are great with children. By nature, they allow tremendous leeway to the children of the house. Their strong protective instinct comes to the fore when dealing with the children of the house. 

While doodles play with children, they also do their utmost to protect the kids from harm. 

A doodle would indulge the child in any form of a game that they wish to play. They also adore pets (on the head) and can be trained to keep their paws down when playing around toddlers. 

Simultaneously, they are also intelligent enough to quieten down and show concern when they might be ill. 

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By default, Labradoodles are hypoallergenic or allergy-friendly because their coats hardly shed, and the dander is also minimal. Dander refers to the flakes of skin that fall off and the hair sheds from a dog’s coat. In the case of a labradoodle, both of these are minimal. 

If their coat is maintained well and kept clean, it is quite possible to eliminate them. They also do not salivate much, which means you can bring home a doodle without having to worry about asthma or allergy-related attacks.

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Labradoodles are adaptable to the point of living in an apartment, even on the higher floors of a building. You can even leave them alone at home for long hours as long they have been trained, and certain pre-conditions are met. 

Ensure that their crate is unlocked to grant free movement, and there are sufficient food and water to sustain for long hours, and you have a happy and content doodle.

Their suitability for apartment living also stems from their small size, which implies that they do not require much space. The maximum that a doodle would grow up to be will be either a standard poodle or midway between its two parents.  

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Friendly by nature, Labradoodles love to play. It could be with children, other family members, other pets, or even cats, without harming them. Their high IQ enables them to pick up the basic concepts of a game quickly. 

They do not require supervision or constant attention and are trustworthy enough to be left alone with children. Labradoodles are adaptable by nature and can adjust to a change in a child’s behavioral patterns easily. 


Unless there is an excellent reason, Labradoodles do not bark much. Typically, a doodle is most unlikely to kick up a row and prefers to remain calm. So, if you live in an apartment wherein your neighbors are privy to anything loud that happens in your home, the labradoodle is a perfect option, as it would rarely ever bark. 

There are instances when pet owners have complained of their doodle barking its head off. Usually, this is indicative of an underlying problem of a severe nature that needs attention. 

Your doodle might be barking nonstop due to anxiety issues, boredom, lack of awareness, or irritation of some kind. It is not in this breed’s nature to bark frequently, and doing so is a signal to you to take your doodle to a certified vet. 

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Both parents of the labradoodle – the poodle and the Labrador retriever – are positively loving by nature. Therefore, it is but natural that their progeny – the Labradoodle – will also be inherently affectionate. 

Labradoodles come with a high degree of emotional quotient and quickly build rapport with each family member, including the elderly, sick, youngsters, or other pets. 

Courtesy of affection, Labradoodles are sensitive enough to judge your mood and behave accordingly. But, all the love also makes them fiercely protective to the point where any visitor as a possible threat. 


Some dog breeds are receptive to commands almost immediately, and Labradoodles are one of them. As per a study conducted by a renowned animal psychologist, doodles became one of the swiftest learners when it came to grasping new commands and comprehending previously learned commands. Much of this is attributed to the parent breeds, both of which are easy to train. 

It’s a good idea to make it a point to keep your doodle interested in training sessions by introducing a new segment every once in a while. 

A bored doodle is a recipe for disaster, which is why you must ensure that it gets its dose of physical and mental stimulation through new games and exercises. 

Also, while training the Labradoodles, you need not be harsh. Positive reinforcement is the best technique and applies it well and judiciously to get the best results. 

Are Labradoodles Smart?


Initially created for a dog-loving lady with an allergy problem, Labradoodles soon proved themselves beyond doubt as one of the most friendly, safe, and adorable dog breeds. 

Their climb on the popularity chart was rapid, and within a decade of having been created, they were one of the most sought-after dog breeds the world over. 

Given their qualities, it is not difficult to understand why people can go to lengths for the sake o adopting a doodle. 

One of the significant advantages with Labradoodles is that they provide you with all the fun associated with having a pet sans the allergy and asthma problems. 

That said, the last few years have been witness to several deviations in doodle characteristics, thus raising a doubt. Controversial statements on the part of the creator further added fuel to the fire. 

But Labradoodles emerged true to what they were meant to be – a lovable and intelligent pet that is an ideal option for any family.


Diane is a lifelong owner of Labs, Retrievers, a Poodle, Labradoodle, and, more recently, a Goldendoodle. She loves dogs and enjoy's taking her Goldendoodle Nala for walks in the woods with her daughters.

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