5 Reasons Aussiedoodles Are Good for First Time Owners

Getting your first dog is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. To make the process smooth for yourself and your new furry best friend, it is important that you choose a breed that is right for you. 

Aussiedoodles are a great choice for first-time owners. They are smart, easy to train, and quickly bond with new humans. If you think you might be allergic to dogs, Aussiedoodles work in your favor. They are known to be hypoallergenic dogs that barely shed.

It is certainly exciting to bring an Aussiedoodle puppy home because of how irresistible they are, but it is essential first to understand the breed and fully prepare yourself for your very first dog.

What Makes Aussiedoodles Ideal for First-Time Owners?

Aussiedoodles are excellent family dogs that will love you with all their heart. There are several reasons they might be just the right breed for you.

1. Aussiedoodles are low shedders

If you have never owned a dog before, you might not know that there will be several changes in your lifestyle and your home. One of these is getting used to dog hair around your house and your clothes and following a cleaning regimen that minimizes this. 

While most dog owners are unbothered by this, a first-time owner can find shedding dog hair overwhelming. This is where an Aussiedoodle provides a great advantage. Due to their Poodle genetics, Aussies tend to shed very little. If you pick the right generation with a higher Poodle gene pool, your new puppy might not shed at all! 

This is also extremely beneficial in case you have been holding off on getting a dog due to possible allergies. Some Aussiedoodle generations, like the F1B, have a high chance of being hypoallergenic just like their Poodle parent and therefore don’t trigger asthma or allergic reactions in their human parents.

2. Aussiedoodles are easily trainable

Fortunately, Aussiedoodles inherit the remarkable intelligence of their Australian Shepherd parent. They crave human interaction and are therefore eager to learn from their new family. They are also highly adaptive and quickly learn to live with new people. 

Like their Aussie parent, they are problem solvers and like to figure out solutions independently. All these traits make Aussiedoodle puppies easy to train. 

Given that you are following the right positive reinforcement techniques and are investing time and effort into training your new puppy, your Aussiedoodle can easily grow up to be a friendly, obedient, and well-behaved dog.

3. Aussiedoodles are popular family dogs

All dogs deserve a home, but not every dog is suited for every home. Some dogs like to live with fewer people, some don’t get along with other pets, and others yet can have aggressive tendencies and, therefore, unsuitable for a family with children. 

As an Aussiedoodle parent, you are unlikely to face any of these issues! While Aussiedoodles tend to pick one or two favorite humans in a family, that is not to say that they won’t get along with other family members. 

With the right introduction and socialization, they also make great friends with other pets, including cats, and are gentle and friendly with children of all ages. If you have a yard, your Aussie puppy will love nothing more than lots of outdoor playtime with the family.

4. Aussiedoodles are relatively quiet

Some dog breeds tend to bark a lot out of protectiveness and territorial behavior. This can become a problem for some owners, especially those who reside in close-knit neighborhoods. While your Aussiedoodle may have some protective tendencies, they bark much lesser compared to other dogs. 

They are naturally quieter and tend to bark only when they are scared, very excited, or experiencing another heightened emotion. Because of their high trainability, you can easily train your Aussiedoodle to bark even lesser and therefore never be a nuisance to you or your neighbors.

5. Aussiedoodle make wonderful therapy dogs

Aussiedoodles love humans. When you get your new puppy, you will soon see that they sense your emotions and like to be near you when you are feeling down. Their sensitive, gentle, and wise nature mean that they can be trained to become therapy dogs. If you require a service animal, an Aussiedoodle can be a great choice.

What Should First-Time Owners Expect from Aussiedoodles?

While these dogs love nearly every human and animal they meet, it is important to ensure that you are the right owner for them. Here are a few things to consider before you decide to get an Aussiedoodle puppy.

  • They are high-energy dogs

    An Aussiedoodle may not do well in an apartment or in a home where they are left alone all day. They are outdoorsy dogs that need daily walks and plenty of playtimes to spend their energy, especially when they are puppies. 

    They do best with active families, go for walks, and even enjoy a regular swim. If you are looking for a dog that will lounge in the living room for most of the day, an Aussiedoodle may not be the one for you!

  • They need mental stimulation

    Aussiedoodles are smart dogs because both their parents are working dogs, which means you need to keep their minds engaged to stay healthy and happy. This can be achieved by teaching them new tricks now and then and even giving them puzzle toys to play with.

  • They like to be around their family

    Aussiedoodles don’t do great with being left alone for long periods of time, especially as puppies, and can potentially develop separation anxiety. You can train your dog to be more independent, but their natural personality suits a home where they are given lots of time and attention. 

Are Aussiedoodles High-Maintenance?

If you are getting an Aussiedoodle, you certainly need to be prepared for maintaining them. They come with the amazing benefit of being hypoallergenic and non-shedding. However, when a dog doesn’t naturally shed its hair, this means you have to regularly brush them to keep their coat and skin healthy. 

As a general rule, Aussiedoodles usually have a wavy or curly coat, you need to maintain it regularly to avoid tangles, matting, and resulting infections. Your dog will normally need brushing at least three times a week and a full grooming session, including trimming and bathing at least once every 6-8 weeks.

As far as health issues are concerned, there is not much to worry about. Fortunately, Aussiedoodles are resilient and sturdy dogs. Because they are hybrid dogs, they do not have any specific inherent allergies or health issues and usually have high immunity. 

While all dogs have individual traits and tendencies, and some can develop some food allergies, the breed itself is unknown for having any serious health issues. The key is to buy from a reputable breeder that follows healthy and ethical practices that result in healthy puppies.

All in all, Aussiedoodles are a great choice for you if this is your first time getting a dog. Given the proper attention, care, and training, they will become a cherished family member for a long time to come!


Diane is a lifelong owner of Labs, Retrievers, a Poodle, Labradoodle, and, more recently, a Goldendoodle. She loves dogs and enjoy's taking her Goldendoodle Nala for walks in the woods with her daughters.

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