What Are The Smallest Goldendoodles  (They Are Extremely Cute! )

The Goldendoodle is considered the most coveted dog breed in the world right now. These hybrid dogs are adorable-looking, smart, loyal, and excellent family pets. Over the years, the demand for smaller Goldendoodle has produced this breed in increasingly smaller sizes to suit smaller homes and apartments.

As a general rule, Goldendoodles most commonly come in Standard and Medium sizes. However, you can also find Mini, Toy, and even Micro Goldendoodles now! If you are looking for a Doodle to live with you in your apartment, consider exploring these small variants.

Before choosing your Goldendoodle puppy, it is essential to understand the smaller sizes and their needs to ensure you pick the right companion for yourself!

Which Goldendoodle is the Smallest?

On average, the smallest breed is the Micro Goldendoodle, which has only emerged in the last few years, owing to an increased interest in smaller dogs. Often referred to as the Teacup Goldendoodle, these dogs weigh under 10 pounds and stand only 10-12 inches high!

They are a hybrid mix of a Mini Goldendoodle and a Miniature Poodle. Not only does this make them small, but it also classifies them in the F1B generation, meaning that they have a curly coat and they don’t shed! 

These dogs may be small, but they have larger-than-life personalities! They inherit the loving nature of their Poodle parent and the intelligence and energy of their Goldendoodle parent. They have an intense and lively personality, want lots of attention and playtime, and deeply love their humans. 

Their tiny size, along with their irresistibly cute appearance and hypoallergenic coat, has quickly made them a common favorite. A Micro Doodle will forever stay the size of a puppy, thus making it easier for them to live in smaller spaces.

what are the smallest goldendoodles?

What Are the Smallest Goldendoodle Sizes?

Other than Micro Goldendoodles, Toy and Mini Goldendoodles are also very popular among Doodle lovers. Here is a breakdown of their sizes.

Miniature Goldendoodle15 – 35 pounds13 – 20 inches
Toy/Petite Goldendoodle10 – 20 pounds10 – 16 inches
Micro/Teacup Goldendoodle6 – 10 poundsUnder 13 inches

All of these Doodles easily fit into small pet carriers, can live in apartments, and can comfortably ride in a small car.

Is It a Good Idea to Get a Micro Goldendoodle?

Getting a small Doodle could be a matter of need or simply of preference. If you live in an apartment, or if you merely want to be able to take your dog out and about with you, a Micro Goldendoodle will be perfect for you. 

They are particularly beneficial for those looking for companion dogs or emotional support animals since they are extremely people-oriented and love to stay by their master’s side at all times.

They are also easier to manage; since they don’t shed, they are great for people with mild allergies. 

They need to be brushed regularly to keep their coat healthy, but this is easy and quick because of their small size.

However, there are some things you should keep in mind before you decide to buy a Micro Goldendoodle.

  • They still need plenty of exercises. Small Doodles are suited for apartments, and you do not need a yard for them. However, they still have lots of energy, thanks to their genes. They need at least 30 minutes of playtime or walks every day. 

    They are also smart like their larger counterparts and need regular mental stimulation through new games and tricks.

  • They don’t do well alone. Micro Goldendoodles are extremely loving and want to stay with their humans. Ideally, they should not be left alone for extended periods of time. If you need a dog that can be left alone for 9-10 hours a day while you go to work, 

    Micro Doodles might not be right for you. Not only do they need frequent pee breaks due to their puppy size, but they also tend to develop separation anxiety.

    While you should certainly teach your puppy to be independent and should be able to leave them alone for short periods of time, they do not do well being alone for most of the day.

  • They are not protective dogs. If you want a cute dog but are also looking for some protection and guarding, a small Goldendoodle is not the one! They are extremely gentle, loving, and cuddly and would want to play with everyone who comes over. 

    They make for great companions, but they are not likely to bark at strangers or intruders.

  • They need to be taken care of. One thing you don’t have to worry about with bigger dogs is that they are sturdy and can take care of themselves around the house. Small dogs, especially Micro Goldendoodles, are naturally more likely to get hurt solely because of their size. 

    You must know where your dog is at all times in the house since they can sneak up behind you, and you might trip over them, hurting both yourself and the puppy!

  • They may have some health issues. Smaller dogs generally tend to be more likely to fall victim to genetic illnesses. However, this can be managed with regular vet visits, a good diet, and adequate exercise.
what are the smallest goldendoodles?

How to Care for the Smallest Goldendoodles

Taking care of all small Goldendoodles is similar. While they need their nutrients just like larger dogs, there are some additional things to keep in mind to keep them healthy and safe.

  • They need a diet rich in protein, fat, Omega acids, fiber, vitamins, and carbohydrates. 
  • Avoid fillers, artificial flavors, grains, and dairy products to keep their small stomachs healthy.
  • Make sure you buy kibble meant for small dogs since large-sized food can be difficult for them to consume and even cause choking. 
  • Micro Goldendoodles will need to eat more than once or twice a day. Remember that they are puppy-sized. They may need to eat every 4-5 hours and accordingly relieve themselves too.

Owning a small Goldendoodle is extremely exciting! Make sure you pick the right dog for yourself and understand their physical needs so that they lead a long and healthy life.


Diane is a lifelong owner of Labs, Retrievers, a Poodle, Labradoodle, and, more recently, a Goldendoodle. She loves dogs and enjoy's taking her Goldendoodle Nala for walks in the woods with her daughters.

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